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Better than Smoking

Different Kinds of Electronic Cigarette Brands and Reviews

What is Brand?

What comes in your mind when you hear brand? Brand is a specific name, symbol or identity of any product. You will identify their product by their brand. For me, a brand is a name given for a special thing or product. When someone says branded, it simply means that it’s their original product. As far as I know, most branded products are expensive than generic products. There are brands in clothing, shoes, medicine, bag, computer and many more. How about electronic cigarette? Of course yes. It is their identity. People need know what specific brand of cigarette they want to buy. It will be easier for the store owner to identify which one you want when buying e-cigarette. Let’s talk about electronic cigarette brands. In case you are not aware of them. Let me tell you one by one.

Electronic Cigarette Brands and Reviews

What is the brand of your electronic cigarette? Is it very common or unknown? Let’s see if your e-cigarette brand is on top and popular. I want to share all of you what I collected from the internet. First on my list is V2 e-cigarette. They are popular in huge clouds of vapor. They have 10 different kinds of wonderful flavors and the battery will last for a day. I learned that V2 e-cigarette got 5 stars in many categories; flavors, accessories, battery, vapor production and their customer service. I don’t have any doubt that V2 can be the e-cigarette bestseller and number 1. Next is Smokeless Image e-cigarette. It has satisfying clouds of vapor that every smoker enjoyed. The flavors and vapors are very satisfying. It comes with many accessories like portable charging case. The battery doesn’t stay for too long. That is their disadvantage.

Then, Bedford Slims e-cigarette is next on my list. They are not yet popular like others but they offer great e-cigarettes that everyone will love. The price is pretty amazing. Everyone can afford it and it has an amazing packaging. Actually they won in packaging contest. Did you hear of Bull Smoke e-cigarette? It is one of the newest brands available today but it is very popular in many bloggers. Why? The battery life could last more than a day and that every smoker wants. It comes with 10 cartridges, 2 chargers (wall and usb), 2 batteries and e-cigarette. The vapor production is really great. Many users are satisfied with it. The only disappoints are about not so good chocolate flavors and it doesn’t come with any accessories. Then, Vapor4life e-cigarette. It has a good battery that last for a day and night. It is pretty cool. Their flavor and vapor are damned good. Users are satisfied. It also comes with accessories for e-cigarette. Then, White Cloud e-cigarette. Customers are really impressed on their unique flavors and favor production. Batteries are excellent that last for a day. Next is Breathe Fresh e-cigarette that has delightful flavors. The taste is like in traditional cigarette but fuller flavor. Which one are you using? Are you satisfied?

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